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“The project is implemented by FAR in partnership with three other organizations in Europe”


Federation for Accessibility of Romania

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Romanian society is made up of individuals and groups in interaction and social relationships, following actions and individual and group behaviors.

FAR was born from the desire to promote and monitor access and accessibility!

The social action of FAR is the fundamental component of the activity and consists in an integrated ensemble of distinct activities, in order to achieve a result in monitoring access and accessibility (ART. 9 of the UN Convention on Rights of persons with disabilities), with the aim to radiography a very important component of the social system, the person with functional deficiency, the disabled person.
The National Confederation of Disabled People is the third level socio-confederate agency of the country's disability movement.

It was founded in 1989 by organizations of individuals with disability and their families, so as to defend issues of common interest for all categories of disability and to be an independent and strong agency representing people with disabilities and their families in the Greek State and society.

Today the National Confederation of Disabled People officially holds the position of Social Partner on issues pertaining directly or indirectly to people with disability and fights to promote the policies that contribute to the full participation in the social, economic, political and cultural life of the country. On a national level, the Confederation fights for the protection and advocacy of human and social rights of people with disability, to lessen social bias and combat the discrimination they experience. It aims to equate the opportunities of people with disability in all sectors of their life and to ensure conditions of dignified living and full incorporation in society.

The Confederation establishes an action plan, performs systematic control of legislative regulations and provisions and submits proposals to the Greek State on issues such as: education, professional training, employment, information society, universal access.

On a European level the Confederation has recognized the need for active participation in a truly representative European disability organization such as the European Disability Forum, which represents people with disabilities in the dialogue with the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and other European authorities. Aiming at the development of a European political framework for disability, focused on the equality of opportunities and combating discrimination, it participates in an expanded network of contacts with the National Councils of People with Disabilities of the other Member-States as well as states under accession to the European Union.


National Confederation of Disabled People

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Association of Consultants and Experts in Social Economy Romania

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Association of Consultants and Experts in Social Economy Romania (ACE-ES) is an association founded in Romania in 2011 that aims to support and promote social economy (social entrepreneurship) seen as a viable tool for innovation and flexibility within the economic and social environment, for sustainable development and active citizenship, for cooperation, solidarity and social inclusion.

Main Activities:
  • Supports and promotes or, as appropriate, organizes continuous training activities;
  • Carries out/organizes research-action, studies, analyses, interventions and pilot projects, seminars, conferences, working groups;
  • Support and promote or, as appropriate, organize innovative, interregional, national and transnational activities;
  • Acts, in a variety of ways and methods, to support disadvantaged communities / groups, for full access to social, educational, active employment and integration services and programs;
  • Promotes entrepreneurial culture, innovation, research and the development of a knowledge-based society.

The members of the association are very active in developing innovative instruments of social economy – a social brand of inclusion, training on social entrepreneurship, professional standards pertaining to the domain’s jobs etc.

The CFHE aims to provide a link between France and Europe for policies on persons with disabilities.

European institutions still seem distant to most people. However, their decisions are the result of negotiations between elected representatives of EU member countries, whose activity is based on consultation documents from European civil society.It is clear that the decisions of the European Union have an impact on our lives and as members of civil society we have the authority to influence these decisions.

Similarly, the European Union offers a new platform for dialogue and decision-making. decisions and represents an opportunity to defend the interests of 80,000,000 European citizens with disabilities.


French Council of Handicapped People For European Issues

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Centro Superior de Formación Europa Sur (Cesur) was born from Grupo Coremsa, a business group specialised, among other things, in Higher Education and Vocational Training.

Higher Education has been a priority for Grupo Coremsa for many years; we have a strong commitment to offer our students the most advanced and functional technological equipment as well as qualified and professional teachers.

Cesur counts with eleven Higher Education Official Centres: Madrid, Malaga (City Centre), Malaga PTA (Andalusia Technology Park), Malaga CTM (Transport and Good Centre), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Seville, Murcia and Badajoz.

Among the offer of these centres, we can find more than seventy official higher education cycles, either in-person class or on-line, approved by the respective Ministries of Education in each region.


Centro Superior de Formacion Europa Sur

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