DisABILITIES Civic LAB is an online compendium of scenarios build by YWwD in those workshops in Romania, Greece and Spain. In this way young women with disabilities are co-creators of an innovative tool that could be used as a source of inspiration for other vulnerable women. Compedium has 2 main parts:

a) 14 scenarios build by YWwD;

b) apart from these scenarios based on the real obstacles/problems of YWwD, the compendium also contains the practical guidelines for practitioners: what means a scenario, how to build one, what elements to include, what techniques can be used, tips to increase the level of involvement of young people in the construction of a scenario.

Scenario 6

Spent social battery

The problem identified in the community:

Spent social battery


Women who suffer from a disorder such as ASD, when they are in crowds, for example in the subway, or on the contrary, when there are few people, but attention is very focused on them, as happens at work when it comes to exposing.


Lack of civility
Lack of empathy
Lack of updating and knowledge about certain disabilities
Lack of assertiveness
Lack of patience


Possible solutions:
sing the technique of analogy, using for example a thermometer-shaped pin that will show how people who suffer from this social phobia or agoraphobia feel, in this way people without even asking to know the social mood they have left to those who suffer in these situations.

Date: 5 March, 2024
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